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Warm indoor Carol Singing

In previous years we've done carol singing around the streets of Portchester. This year, we were offered a warmer gig!

It was the first of our two carol services at St Mary's Church, Portchester last night. Such a beautiful place to sing in. As a Saxon church built in 1130, those walls must have heard many styles of singing over the years. Not sure if the Augustinian monks clapped along to their plainsong - but we did manage to encourage the congregation to clap along to "In Excelsis Deo". It was the first time we'd tried clapping and singing at the same time to that song, but most of us managed it!

The evening was a bit of a Choir take-over, with three of us doing readings and Mike sharing a poem reminding us of a Christmas gift which we can keep on giving - love

"It's walking the talk when we do what we say/ And making a difference each in his own way".

After the liveliness of our first song, the second was a complete contrast: an unaccompanied "Silent Night". Katie sang the first part alone, which was hauntingly beautiful. We're looking forward to Chloe singing it with her at the second carol serviice tonight.

If you want to know how we sounded, go to the Playlist "PCCPerformances 2021" on our YouTube channel.

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