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The Lych Gate of the church at Portchester Castle looked beautiful, sparkling multicoloured lights disguising the scaffolding. The foundations of this historic structure are causing it to collapse, so we had decided that donations received from our carol singing this year would go towards repairing it.

Just before our intake of breath for the first carol, the rain intervened, and we all ran inside for shelter. In the end, we were thankful to be singing in such a warm atmospheric building.

It was less of a performance and more of an informal family get-together; spectators and choir singing together with a couple of delightful children dancing around us.

After the carols, the church folk opened the cafe for everyone, serving cake, mince pies and very decadent hot chocolate with marshmallows.

What a wonderful finale to PCChoir's year!

Noel Noel - a Christmas Round

Sing Noel!

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