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The Christmas lights were switched on in Portchester Precinct last night and lots of Portchester residents came out to be part of the celebration.

Trinity Ensemble, a brass and woodwind group, set the scene by playing Christmas music as everyone arrived and Father Christmas called in with sweets for the children. Devin Jade, a talented local singer song-writer, sang a Christmas song she's written, followed by musical items from several Portchester schools, Primary and Secondary.

Our choir were last, but most certainly not least! "Sing Noel" was an impressive three- part opener and "All I Want for Christmas" was a fun finale for everyone. Well done, Max, for being brave enough to sing a solo. (The only mistake being mine, as I stopped everyone after four instead of five at the end - Maths never was my strong point! )

The programme whizzed by much more quickly than anticipated, but thanks to the magic of modern communications, Lyn was able to rally the troups just in time for us to go on stage!

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