Nov. 2020

Dot has done a great job of keeping us entertained during 2020. You can see her videos on our You Tube channel. She and Titch have also  composed this lovely song.

Dot and Titch's songArtist Name
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Honoured to be asked for a third time to sing at Portchester's Remembrance service. (A very special event in the local calendar, as Portchester has been holding a community Remembrance Day service on a Saturday for 100 years).

"Only Remembered" from "Warhorse" was a challenge - 3 parts - but we did it.

Brave Susan sang a solo, and 8 brave people sang the 2nd verse. Well done all!


Final rehearsal of "Only Remembered" (sound only)before Saturday's Remembrance event in Portchester Precinct

This was us the year before.


Here are some informal recordings of last night's rehearsal for our Whiteley performance on Saturday.

Walkin on Sunshine17.10.19.mp3
Don't Worry 17.10.19.mp3
Maliswe 17.10 (1).mp3
Aint Gonna 17.10.19.mp3
Wayfarin' Stranger 17.10.19.mp3
Make Your own 17.10.19.mp3

A few of us singing in the chapel at Royal Victoria Country Park 2019