In Exelsis Deo

In Excelsis Deo - All voices
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In Excelsis Deo - Soprano/ Tune
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In Excelsis Deo - Alto/ Middle
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In Excelsis Deo - Tenor/Low ladies
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In Excelsis Deo - Backing Track
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In Exelsis Deo (Glory to God in the Highest)

Gospel Rock

There's an Audio sample on the link below


In excelsis deo singing glory halelu


Angels we have heard on high – sweetly singing o’er the plains; and the mountains in reply - echoing their joyous strains.

In excelsis deo..

Shepherds why this jubilee – why your joyous strains prolong – what the gladsome tidings be  – which inspire your heavenly song.

In excelsis deo..

Angels singing glory halelu, glory halelu x8

..In excelsis deo, In excelsis deo…..

In excelsis deo….