Let the Circle Be Wide

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Let the Circle Be Wide

Tommy Sands - a song of welcome

To learn the verses, listen to Tommy Sands.



Let the circle be wide 'round the fireside

And we'll soon make room for you

Let your heart have no fear, there are no strangers here,

Just friends that you never knew


We will travel along on the wings of a song

With a mind that is open and free

If we close our eyes to the other side

We're just half of what we could be




Shake the hand of the man from the far distant land

Meet him and treat him well

And the young girl so fair with the wind in her hair,

She's got a story to tell




There are songs to be sung, there are afters to be rung,

There is reason to rosin your bow

There are stories of old and new ones to be told

To carry away when you go.




So we'll pass the bottle 'round and we'll drink another round.

That our friendship will always remain

For how can you tell when we say our farewells

When will we all meet again?