Bring Him Home

Practice Backing Track - no voices
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Bring Him Home - Tune and Harmony
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Bring Hime Home - PCChoir Rehearsal 8.11.18
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Harmony part sings with tune until get to bracketed lines

God on high -Hear my prayer

In my need - You have always been there

He is young - He's afraid

Let him rest - Heaven blessed.

Bring him home x3                                     [Harm: Bring him home x5]

He's like the son I might have known                   [ He's like the son I might have known]

If God had granted me a son.                       a son. ]

The summers die - One by one                              [The summers die - one by one

How soon they fly - On and on                                How soon they fly - on and on

And I am old - And will be gone.                              And I am old - and will be gone]

Bring him peace - Bring him joy                           [...Bring him peace....Bring him joy

He is young - He is only a boy                    

You can take - You can give                                   [You can ta--ke - You can gi--ve]

Let him be - Let him live

If I die, let me die - Let him live                             [If I die, if I die - Let me die, let me die]

Bring him home x3                                                 [Bring him home x3  Bring him......home]