Ain't Gonna Let Nobody

Aint gonna let - Tune
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Aint Gonna - Low (updated version)
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Aint Gonna - Harmony 2 (Updated version)
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Aint Gonna - Harmony 1(Updated )
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Ain't gonna Let - All parts together
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Ain't Gonna Let Nobody

African American Freedom Song

Slightly altered the timing from the 1st version.

There's a stamp on beat 1 and a clap on beat 2, for those who can cope with that! It does actually help with the timing. I'v e put the word in bold where you

Arrangement: 1. All sing tune 2. All sing Low harmony  3. Harmony 2    4. All parts together


Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around, turn me around, turn me around.

Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around.

Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’, walkin’ to the Freedom land.


Ain’t gonna let no nobody turn me X3

And keep on walkin', and keep on talking, and keep on walkin' to the Freedom Land


Ain't gonna le-t nobody

Ain't gonna le-t no no nobody

HARMONY 2 (Your stamps are sometimes BEFORE  you sing. Claps underlined))

  - Ain't gonna  - let nobody turn me x3

 - Keep on - walkin',  - keep on to the Freedom Land





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